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The FoodAbhi Story

Online Tiffin Service is an open field for players.Let’s say, It’s my lunch time and since the maid didn’t turn up I have no Tiffin today. I think of what to order for lunch, I’m tired of eating from restaurants which use  too much extra oil & artificial colors and give me an upset stomach at times. Plus I’m tired of the junk food. I wish to eat something simple, hygienic and homely.

What do I do?

I order from FoodAbhi.

Today it’s so simple in Mumbai to order a tiffin of your choice. It was not so easy previously. Either you would subscribe to a dabbawallah’s monthly service but with that you had no choice if it was not up to your liking or let’s say when you have to order once in a while and not every day.

The journey for FoodAbhi has been, slow but steady at the start with its fair share challenges and now they are taking huge leaps of growth.

It was 2014, the start-up environment was bubbling and buzzing with ideas. Every day you could hear of someone trying to do something new. Amit Dube an IHM alumni and his wife Shraddha had aspirations to start a venture of their own.

After studying various prospects they zeroed in on fulfilling a very basic but important problem –  FOOD.

They came up with the idea of an Online Tiffin service.

The idea in their minds was to tie-up with a 2-3 vendors or to make food on their own and start delivering, initially. But there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Out of so many startups that come into existence a whopping 40% fail. The journey of a business concept from an idea to its formation and execution is crucial to its success.  You need support, expert counsel and advisors to tweak the product to its right fit.

With zero experience in the online industry the couple had no ideas about how to give shape to their venture. They decided to approach E-Commerce24 (A Mitashi venture). Ecommerce 24 provides end to end ecommerce solutions to upcoming businesses.

The team at Ecommerce 24 headed by Manish Patil have experience gathered from the early days of online business with expertise in- Market research, Marketing, Branding, Customer Service and  Logistics and Distribution.

After hearing the proposal from Amit and Shraddha, E commerce 24 set up a team of their consultant and Researchers to study the feasibility and come up with the right approach to make the venture a success.

After a detailed study, they proposed a small change in approach which will make them not service providers but facilitator of service providers. They advised Amit and Shraddha to make FoodAbhi a marketplace for Tiffin Service providers. FoodAbhi Logo

With Focus on Hygiene, Custom tiffin size and health forming core of their service.

This small change in approach set them apart and marked them as the First online food aggregator. Over a course of one month, the ECommerce24 team worked with the couple and set them on the course to garner their share of E-Commerce growth.

After starting with a start-up capital of Rs 10 lakhs they have grown by huge leap and bounds.
Now a year down the line, they have over 30 vendors on board as partners. Over 15,000 meals have been delivered by FoodAbhi already. The company gets around 100 customers in a day and approximately 2000 tiffins on a monthly basis.

They have raised funding from VC’s based in U.S, U.K and the Netherlands. The company will use the funds to expand operations to New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. A mobile app is also on the cards.

Going ahead Amit Dube says, “Our aim as of now is not profitability as much as economies of scale”