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Email Marketing The Right Way – Market Smartly, Don’t Spam!

Email MarketingSpamming 101

This is a screenshot of my inbox and I’m 110% sure each one of us has a similar mailbox.

Ever since the e-Commerce boom has started web stores and marketplaces have come up at a very fast rate crowding the online space and marketing aggressively to get a bigger pie of customers. Largely the eCommerce industry has bloomed thanks to discounts, offers and sales have been solely driven by price.

Indian Online Customers are different from their overseas counterparts as they give more importance to price over everything else. (Service quality, Experience, Ease of use, doesn’t matter if you give them a 50% discount.) So basically, if you give a discount today they will shop with you, if you don’t tomorrow they will find someone else. This is a vicious circle and if you are striving to be a profitable eCommerce venture then this is not what you want to be doing for getting customers.

Seed Funds and VC’s have turned this competition further more intense by splurging money to get the highest market share. Today, the scenario is such that you wake up in the morning to an offer/discount email and I’m sure by the time you sleep you have seen such promotional emails minimum 2-3 times.

There is a thin line of difference between spamming and marketing and this difference is the reason why some brands get it right while many fail at it.

Starting from this week, we will see how as an e-commerce player and an online brand you can use email marketing in a better fashion to create real relationships with your customers.

Tip for the week – Get Personal

  1. Incorporate recipients’ real names in email messages.

    Nobody likes to be treated ordinarily, everyone loves attention. So do your customers! Your email when opened by your customers should convey that it has been addressed and specifically written to them. Incorporate Names of your real customers in your email. When you make them feel valued they will love to do business with you. Moreover the stats back up its success.

94% of Digital MARKETERS say that personalization is critical to current and future Online success.

  1. Personalize Your Business with a Real Name –

Personalization should not be limited to using your customers’ real names. You have to personalize your brand to initiate a relationship. Using this helps us to add a level of human connection between you and your customer. Instead of having the sender name be or make it the name of a living, breathing member of your team. You can also add their photo and email signature to the body of the email to show that an actual human took the time and effort to craft the message and will field any responses.

An example from HubSpot –
Personalization of Business Email

Personalization of Business Email

So implement this tip and change the way your email works for you. We will be here with another tip next week! Leave your Feedback in the comments section and for customized end to end e-commerce solutions for your business drop me an email at

#BigBillionDays – Superficial Deals or For Real?

I was in the 8.18 local in the morning from Borivali and two friends next to me were immersed in their Smartphones.

Every few minutes one of them would look up and say “Yeh offer Dekha kya?” and so it went on. It was the 1st day of Flipkart’s #BigBillionDays

Reached office and I see this tweet with #BigBillionDays trending in India-

Flipkart on Twitter

Flipkart is 10/10. We sold 10 lakh units in 10 hours. Thanks for the overwhelming response. This is just the beginning! #BigBillionDays

Urged by all this stimuli I myself browsed through the Flipkart app to find some exciting offers. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find a single exciting offer which seemed like some real discount. But my curiosity got the better out of me and I spent hours over the following days browsing and trying to see people’s reaction and opinions about the Billion Days sale.

  1. On the 1st day, a lot of users complained about crashing of the App infrequently. A problem that I clearly remember was faced last year too.  So as per many Agencies and Users- Flipkart’s sale had a rocky start.

Sunil on Twitter

Best selling item on #BigBillionDays Sale


2. The 2nd  problem that irritated people to no extent was most of the goods that have good discounts and offers are not available as they are out of stock or only available in selective sizes. Let’s say you like those Steve Madden heels and there is flat 60% on them. Sounds Great, nothing like it and so you wish to buy them for your girlfriend.

But when you finally try and order you realize they are not available in the most common sizes but only in odd sizes or out of stock. You are disappointed and they will try selling you something else with meagre discount as a way for making up for it.

This tweet sums it up – 

Ramit Lfc Aggarwal on Twitter

Twinkle twinkle Flipkart, Can’t find the products in my cart, Fed up seeing OUT OF STOCK, Is this all some MOCK? #BigBillionDays @Flipkart

In your eyes, what is the worst thing that an e-Commerce vendor or Marketplace do?

A. Take a long time to Deliver Goods

B. Deliver the Wrong Product

C. Give You Extra Discount (They rarely do that)

D. Hike the Price, Show you a Huge Discount and FOOL YOU (Many do this)


This is exactly what many users felt Flipkart and its vendors did for the Big Billion Sale. Users took screenshots and put it out there for the world to see.

The BIg Billion Lie!
                                The Big Billion Lie is out there for everyone to See!


R.A.J.U.R.E.D.D.Y on Twitter

Hi..Please check..How @Flipkart @flipkartsupport doing miracles on prices #BigBillionDays RT

A lot many users had similar experiences and felt cheated.

But on the  other side of all this drama there were many who felt happy with their purchases and the service.

Bhagyashree Patil on Twitter

Ordered yesterday, delivered today #bigbilliondays this is amazing service @flipkart

So, the rally around the eCommerce hype has its share of pros and cons!

Time and Consumers will decide!