Month: March 2015

Too many Abandoned Carts? Time to ACT and Boost Sales!

Here are the most effective strategies for you to reduce cart abandonments and increase sales. Tackle abandoned carts strategically to generate revenue for your business.

abandoned cart

How To Reduce Cart Abandonment?

To decrease the number of cart abandonment, you need to follow up two different set of strategies. One is before the cart is abandoned. The second is after the cart has been abandoned by the customer.

Pre Cart Abandonment

At this stage your customer is still on your website and willing to make purchases. Striking the right chord at this time is the easiest for sales conversion.

1) Payment Security

In India, Largely most of the customers are insecure about paying online due to security reasons. This the biggest reason for an abandoned cart. For New Customers, it is integral to assure them about the security of online payment as well as the privacy of other information. The first step to be a trusted web-store you must get an SSL certificate for your website. The HTTP’S sign preceding your domain name emphasizes on an extra secure website.

2) User Friendly Websites:

Who likes complicated websites? Make it as easy as possible. Be Precise and simplify your website navigation and ensure all the important information, be it product description, images, price and other charges, are easy to notice. Lesser the clicks and more the transparency, Happier the customer! Loyalty comes with happiness.

3) No Hidden Costs Please!

Extra shipping cost or taxes can really put off the stereotype Indian customer. Let’s face it, generally customer shop in your online store for discounts, but gets disappointed seeing the final price, which is much more than expected due to shipping and additional charges. This leads to an abandoned cart Make sure that you show any such extra cost along with the price at the beginning, so that the customer can easily make up his/her mind.

4) Multiple modes of Payment:

Have as many options as possible for your customers to pay. Accept payments through credit card, debit card, net banking as well as COD so that you never lose any customer . This will not only reduce cart abandonment, but also increase the number of potential customers on your website due to flexible payment methods.

5) Better Shipping Options:

As a consumer, after painfully scanning more than 100’s of products it is disappointing to know that the product can’t be shipped on their pin-code, that too at the end of the checkout process. You can increase the number of shipping pin-codes or simply let your customer know, whether the product is available for their pin-code, before he/she get to the checkout point.

6) Guest Checkout:

Everyone is in a hurry to shop online. They want an easy checkout for quick exit. If you want to reduce cart abandonment, keep it simple silly! Provide an easy checkout. Offer Guest Checkout for such customers so that they can skip the hassle of providing information. Keep the registrations for returning customers.

7) Manage your Return/Exchange Policy:

Be clear about the refund or exchange policy, if any. Including such policies on your Web-store increases your sale conversion. It reduces the confusion of many customer while purchases. Showing return & exchange policies within the shopping process helps build trust in the consumers mind.

8) Reviews And Customer Testimonials:

For any startup brand, brand credibility is always a big issue. Since, people don’t know you, they will be doubtful about your product quality and authencity. To minimize this issue, you can display customer testimonials or product reviews right in front of your potential customers, so that they are assured about your product quality. This also helps in optimizing your website for search engines.

9) Have a strong Customer Support and relationship management:

Customers are bound to have queries while making purchases, whether it is related to product, shipping or payment, make sure that you clear it immediately. It is important to have a quick and responsible customer support team. Provide a toll free number or email to solve customer’s queries. Including live chat is also a good way to address your customers concerns.

If a Cart is Abandoned, then REMIND!

1) Reminder Emails:

In case, the customer has provided you his/her personal information, you can track their abandoned cart and send them a mail reminding the same along with a Call to Action button. This way, your customer might come back to your website and complete its purchase, in case he/she left in a hurry.

2) Search Engine Remarketing:

Various platforms like Google Adwords offer remarketing, where you can track your customer through the cookies and display ads. For instance, a customer visits your site, chooses product/s and then abandons the cart, you can track him through its cookie through which you can display ads and encourage him/her to come back to your website and complete the checkout process.

3) Offer Discounts And Offers:

Offer great offers like free shipping, free products, discount coupons or reduced prices. Let these offers force your customer to come back to buy products and then become a returning customer.


Research from Baymard shows that around 70% of consumers will abandon their online shopping carts this year. While the reasons for cart abandonment are endless, failure to capitalize on these lost sales opportunities is projected to reach a staggering $3 trillion in lost revenue for companies across the globe.

So it’s time to Boost your sales by implementing these strategies for recovering abandoned carts on your web-store.

LIKE, REACH and ENGAGEMENT! Tricks of the trade to Promote your Facebook page for your Targets!

Just Creating a Facebook Page for your Business is not going to help, What’s Next is the important question! The next step should be on how to generate more sales on your webstore, how to get more likes and engagement with your fans.

Well Facebook has a lot in store to address these common concerns you may have with your Online Business.  Here are some great tools for exciting and cost effective results.

1. Promote Your Page

Being a highly engaging and popular social networking site, Facebook has a huge active userbase, which is why many brands first want to focus on ensuring that their target audience has liked their facebook page. This will help the brand in penetrating  and positioning in the mind of the consumers to initiate a top of the mind sales strategy. Engagement factors like Contests, New Product Launches, Loyal customer experiences etc are displayed on their page. The focus largely lies in giving the targets a taste of the culture their brand promotes. Instead of directly trying to sell products while people are busy socializing, brands often attempt to create desirability of the brand and products before attempting to get them to go to their website to make a purchase.

  1. At the top right corner of your Page, you will see a drop down menu under PROMOTE. Select “Promote Page”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PROMOTE
  2. When you click on “Promote Page”, a dialogue box opens which allows you to choose the defining characteristics of your target audience like: Target country, Interests, Age, Gender, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PROMOTE!
  3. Choose these options based on the profile of your target audience as well as the reach of your brand. For example: If you sell formal women’s clothing in India, you will choose “India” as target country, gender as “women”, age as “22+” and interests such as “fashion”, “clothing”, “formal wear”, etc.

2. Boost Your Posts

It’s Not Every time that when you post something on your page and all your fans will see it! You can see this in the notification you get under the post, with regards to how many people were reached. You need to “BOOST” your post to ensure that it reaches all your fans. The good news is that this also exposes your post to the friends of your fans, who are likely to become your new fans, given that friends often have many shared interests.

So, how to Boost your Facebook Page Posts?

  1. Every time you post an update on your Facebook Page, you’ll see the option ‘Boost Post’ under the post.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BOOST
  2. Clicking this button will allow you to choose the amount of money and the number of days you want to boost your post for.
  3. The number of people who will see your boosted post will depend upon your chosen budget. The approximate number of viewers is provided to you when you select the budget.

3. Advertise on Facebook

Facebook also offers an advertising platform called “Ads Manager”. This feature provides you with far more detailed targeting options.

Here’s how to use Facebook’s Ads Manager:

  1. At the top right corner of your Page, you will see a drop down menu under “PROMOTE”. One of the options is “Use Ads Manager”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AD
  2. Start a new ad campaign by clicking on “Create Ad”.
  3. You will get a variety of campaign type options to choose from, eg: Page Likes, Clicks to Website, Website Conversion, etc. Make your choices based on the results you wish your campaign to produce. If this is your first Facebook ad campaign and you don’t have too many “likes” on your page yet, we recommend starting off with “Page Likes” option. This will help attract more people to your brand and help make your Page more vibrant and dynamic.                                                                                                                                                                        AD1
  4. After this, you will get the opportunity to add photos, add a tag line to the image as well as write an ad text.
  5. Once you have created your ad, you will get detailed targeting options including country, age, education, preference, etc. of your target audience. Make your choices based on the kind of people you think are most likely to be interested in buying your products. We recommend you limit your geographic focus to India, so that you can get more with your budget.
  6. Finally, choose the budget as well as the duration of your ad campaign.
  7. Then click “Submit” and your campaign will start!
  8.  To follow the performance of your campaign once it starts, go to the Ads Manager and click on the campaign name.

You now have all the techniques required to promote your brand on Facebook! Try these techniques to attract your target audience to your brand and watch your sales “BOOST”! Happy Branding for your brand new online business.