Month: February 2015

Walmart Launches a B2B E-Commerce Platform for Punjab Wholesale Business!

Leading wholesale chain Walmart India announced the launch of its B2B e-commerce platform for all members of its ‘Best Price’ modern wholesale stores on Thursday,19th February .
The facility will be available only at Best Price stores in Jalandhar and Ludhiana.

Best_Price_Walmart_India_Bharti“All members of Best Price stores in the two cities can now log on to, book orders and shop online. Revolutionizing the shopping experience, this platform provides an excellent avenue to virtually view a huge array of products and make selections without the need of physically visiting stores,” a Walmart spokesman said in Chandigarh.

“The convenience of easy selection and payment along with efficient delivery of quality products at their doorstep are among the few factors behind this initiative. We value our members and strive to give them an excellent shopping experience,” said Krish Iyer, president and CEO, Walmart India.

“Members can navigate the virtual store and place orders at their convenience as it is a 24/7 interactive site. In addition to the delivery at their doorsteps, convenient payment solutions help them make faster business decisions,” the spokesman said.

There are 5 operational Best Price stores in Punjab at Amritsar, Bathinda, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Zirakpur (near Chandigarh) managed by Walmart India.

Wal-Mart India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart Stores Inc., the world’s leading retailer known for its expertise in logistics, supply chain management and sourcing.

Walmart India owns and operates 20 Best Price modern wholesale stores in nine states across the country. The first store opened in Amritsar in May 2009. The company plans expand and open 50 more stores by 2020.

– As Reported by a Leading News Portal

INSTAGRAM, The rising tool for Ecommerce Marketing!

instagram-button-logo-388899002Looking at Social Media Marketing trends its safe to say that the photo-sharing site, Instagram is in a transition phase between personal and business use.

Unlike Facebook or Pinterest, for instance, this site offers no business-specific features. However, that has not stopped retailers from flocking to the site in hopes of garnering the attention of Instagram’s recently announced 300 million user base, 60 percent of whom fall between the ages of 18 and 34, according to data from Adweek. A report from digital research firm L2 found that 93 percent of premier brands have a presence on the site.

The use of Instagram is not limited to large brands. Smaller ecommerce merchants can also take advantage of its benefits.

Here are a few ideas for using Instagram to promote products, highlighting online retail brands as examples.

1. Run a Contest.

There’s no rocket science to this hack! Contests are a popular way to engage users on social platforms, including Instagram. A well planned Contest can engage your Targets and then convert them loyal customers.

Retailers may opt to use platforms like Offerpop or Iconosquare to create photo contests. It is a mandate to always include a contest-specific hashtag with each campaign.

2. Sell Through Instagram!

Instagram does not allow users to embed live hyperlinks alongside images. This makes it difficult for merchants to facilitate easy clicks to relevant product pages on their ecommerce websites. However, four app providers — SoldsieInsellyInstaorders, and10Sec — found ways to retrofit the site to make it a sales channel.

It’s worth noting that even though Instagram does not recognize hyperlinks, that does not mean you can’t use them.

3. Showcase Customers Using your Products

One means to call attention to products is to post images of customers using them. There is always a better chance of creating a top of the mind purchase decision when NOT YOU but someone else talks of your brand. Hence showcasing real time users posts on your brand page will encourage greater Traction and Sales.



In the example above, a customer shared a photo of items for the look of the day used by the brand to promote its Range of Products!

4. Take Lifestyle Photos

A creative way to showcase products is by using lifestyle photos, which are images that resemble real-life settings. This is a technique employed by many leading brands because it gives customers an idea of how they can utilize the brands’ products.

Ecommerce retailer Incase, a maker of protective cases for mobile devices, often places its products in real-world settings, as in the example below.


5. Celebrate the Seasons! 🙂

In addition to promoting products, retailers must also focus on creating a goodwill by caring for your consumers. Wish them Seasons Greetings!

Use Instagram’s Video Capabilities and show the consumers how you celebrate at your Brand by having engaging and fun videos and Photos. This will not only break the monotony of your Posts but also add a consumer perspective of your brand a dun and cool brand!

Instagram is the new Cool! Promote your brand and establish yourself as not just a serious but a fun Brand!