Month: January 2015

Boost your Ecommerce business by avoiding these common mistakes!

You have a wide range of Products, Competitive Pricing, Appropriate Advertising and you still see sales dropping! You may be making these 5 increase-ecommerce-sales1heinous mistakes that may be indirectly affecting your sales.

Building an ecommerce site that customers love largely comes down to two things: sweating and testing the small stuff, and understanding human psychology.

How do people view, browse, and use your site? How easy is it to navigate through the store is a critical factor in the Digital Space. While testing will be the final judgment for what works on your site, conversion studies can be a great place to begin when designing your site.

Let’s look at 5 basic designing mistakes companies usually make dropping their sales online.

1. Value for Money & TRUST!


Peep Laja of Markitekt, Conversion expert quotes “Your value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button. If I could give you only one piece of conversion advice, “test your value proposition” would be it.”

Making the Consumer comfortable and trust you is providing a good value proposition. This is the only thing why he would come to you and not go the Amazon’s & Flipkart’s of the world.

Nike-product-page2. Misguided  Product Descriptions

Every Product Category is different and so is every product. Hence a standardised Product Description will never provide adequate information to the consumer. The Description of a flower vase will be very different as opposed to a Television because a consumer will see only the specs of the TV while purchase but for the Vase, it has aesthetic value.

While Writing descriptions one must think from the customer view, Do they care mostly about how it looks, or about what it’s capable of? Adjust your image use and product descriptions based on this need, and you’ll have far more informed and happy shoppers.

3. Failing to Properly Utilize Quality Images

If you happen to sell items that are mostly dependent on looks (like Fashion accessories or home decor) , you should know by now that the visuals that you use are incredibly important.

Quality is integral too. One of the best ways to sell a physical good is to get it in somebody’s hands. Since you can’t do that online, the best alternative is to get them to imagine it in their hands.

High quality images help with this.

 4. Lack of Visual Hierarchy or Attention 

Eyes are drawn to larger items which makes them more clickable. Therefore, important elements should be made larger and stand out from the rest of the page. It is also important to highlight elements that are actionable. For instance, in the site below – attention is drawn towards NO FEES and NOT the Call to action (number) which doesn’t quantify the leads.


How about your site? Do any large, eye-grabbing on page elements not lead to direct sales or leads? Try to ease friction by looking at how you can highlight the most important elements on your site and blend in the less important links and information.

download (1)5. The Site Doesn’t Look Trustworthy

When competing against the larger ecommerce players, there is one thing you need to realize: their brand recognition means that they don’t have to prove to people that they are trustworthy.

So how can you make your site appear more trustworthy? You need to take a customer focused approach here—too many companies offer up social proof, instead of thinking about the psychology behind why a potential customer might be worried about shopping via an online store they’ve never used before. A few other important elements on your E-store should be :

– Customer Testimonials.

– Notable Press Releases.

– Interesting Information About the Company.

These Apart, In the Ecommerce Industry it is critical to ever evolve! When it comes to your ecommerce store design is that at a certain level, testing should become an ongoing process.

You will always discover some unusual things that go against the “tricks of the trade” that people preach elsewhere. So Always Be Testing and increase your Online Sales.