Month: June 2014

An Era of Digitalisation !

Gone are the days when we had to do so much to sell our products and wait for months to set up an e-store. End to end E Commerce solution providers can get you a complete E Commerce solution with the click of the mouse. A complete solution – from web designing to supply chain management, from Payment Gateway to Digital Marketing they do everything for you. If you have a product you can sell it easily on your online store with Ecommerce24. This not only reduces the costs of setting up physical stores and inventory, it also makes life simpler. And that’s what we call our dependency on technology which has become a vital part of our everyday life. From clothes and accessories to mobile phones we buy, physical spaces in markets and malls are being replaced by the web spaces on the internet, Technology today has truly come a long way. An E Store is not only the best way to market your goods but it’s also the cheapest of the lot. Not just a convenience it’s an alarming trend these days.

 An Online store is a necessity if not a mandate in today’s competitive markets.

A deeper understanding of setting up an efficient E-store can be achieved by closely   reviewing the following factors

Design and Development:

While the look and feel plays a very important role, one needs to understand human psychology – how people view, browse, and use your site. All design aspects should enhance the ultimate user experience. There are a number of highly advance platforms available for ecommerce businesses today.

Broadly there are two kind of technological solutions for powering an ecommerce website:

  1. Licence based shopping cart software – This software is suitable for the businesses which have their own in-house technical team to set-up and manage the software and the server.
  2. SAAS based Solution – These kind of solutions are mostly business ready and let you launch your online business within a few days. Businesses using SAAS based solution don’t need to have technical expertise as most of the technical part is taken care of by the platform and the hundreds of advance ecommerce tools and features which come pre-integrated with it.

payment-gateway-providerPayment Gateways and logistic solution:

There are multiple aggregators that use secure technology to enable websites to accept online payments via Credit Card, Debit Cards & Net banking and even cash cards. These aggregators provide secure technology and facilitate acceptance of credit cards, debit cards and net banking for most of the Indian and International Banks. The Logistic service plays a pivotal role in the Ecommerce business, while there are many challenges faced during ecommerce logistics, there are technological solutions provided by the logistic companies as well as third party companies to make ecommerce logistics hassle free. It’s advisable to sign up with multiple logistic partners.



Ecommerce24 is not just a Web Development company but by all means your End to End Ecommerce solution provider.

11 Qualities Great Entrepreneurs swear by!


It’s no secret your company needs great managers. These are the people who put out fires, keep your best people motivated, and empower your team to do better and reach farther. But finding and hiring great managers is far from easy, and the repercussions of hiring the wrong person can be downright disastrous.

Missing out on great managers and good communicators can be bad for your bottom line. A company with 100 employees spends, on average, 17 hours a week clarifying communication. Misunderstandings and miscommunication can cost the economy up to $37 billion, so it’s obvious why great managers are a priority for companies of all sizes.

But just what takes a manager from good to great? Here, entrepreneurs share the 11 superstar manager qualities their companies couldn’t live without:


1. Cultural Affinity

We talk to our prospective new hires about our culture, and how it directs everything that we do. We know our managers are great leaders, coaches and high achievers, but I need to make sure they are 100 percent invested in the culture that makes us different than any other firm in our industry.

– Kuba JewgieniewRealty ONE Group

2. A Positive Attitude

Excitement can be contagious. If a manager exudes a positive attitude and a passion for his/her work, that will help keep morale high. I find that satisfied and happy employees are more productive. A manager that can motivate people while keeping them on task is a great asset.

– Michael QuinnYellow Bridge Interactive

3. Prioritization

Lack of focus is the reason many small companies fail. The best managers solve that problem through ruthless prioritization. They identify the three most impactful projects from a list of ten and focus their team on those three. They help keep their employees’ proverbial plates just the right amount of full.

– Bhavin ParikhMagoosh Inc

4. Warmth and Competence

Research out of Harvard Business School found that the best leaders have two unique qualities: warmth and competence. They followed leaders from around the world and discovered that these two characteristics set the best bosses apart. Managers need both of these qualities to lead with their head and their heart.

– Vanessa Van EdwardsScience of People

5. Empathy

Strong managers work with their teams to set priorities, and then encourage their direct reports to go execute them. Things will always go wrong, whether it’s because the goals were wrong, or the junior person just screwed up. At a startup, things are always in flux. It’s critical that a manager cares about her team — and that the team knows this — to keep everyone positive and working together.

– Aaron SchwartzModify Watches

6. Accountability

Accountability is critical and matters more than simply getting the job done. A manager with strong accountability qualities will take action and responsibility for their goals and objectives. They report why something didn’t go according to plan and work toward solutions. Most of all, this quality will rub off on the rest of the team and they too will be accountable for their role and results.

– Andrew ThomasSkyBell Technologies, Inc.

7. Honesty

Lots of traits are important in a great manager, but honesty trumps them all. From the first interview onward, I’m looking for someone who will tell it like it is. Honesty is important whether it’s a manager letting me know when I’m doing something wrong, holding up their hands when they make a mistake or simply saying, “I’m too busy to do this now.” I want straight shooters who have integrity.

– Grant GordonSolomon Consulting Group

8. Patience

The art of patience is something that takes years to control and perfect. I look for managers who can exercise a deep understanding and awareness of patience with team members, clients, vendors and sometimes even with themselves! While I can teach all aspects of the job the one thing I can’t teach is someone’s gut reaction — whether they will take a step back and assess or hastily engage.

– Kim KaupeZinePak

9. Character

If you don’t trust their character then nothing else really matters. There are many key attributes of a good manager that are derivatives of legitimate character and integrity. Managers that can’t be trusted are dangerous and, more often than not, end up being a cancer to the organization that is painful and costly to remove.

– Seth TalbottCEO and Startup Advisor

10. Flexibility

Great managers need to know how to think quickly on their feet, and they must also alter their management techniques for each employee, rather than expecting all employees to respond in the same manner to one broad management style.

– Andrew SchrageMoney Crashers Personal Finance

11. Effective Decision Making

When I look for a great manager, I look for someone who can take in a lot of information and make a decision. Who can then execute on it without much hand-holding.

– Jordan FliegelCoachUp