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About is a platform that gets optician, brandowners/distributors and the end consumer together. It's a database of the best in the eyewear world and which comes straight from the source.

The consumers use this platform to source the eyewear of their choice and find opticians and directly book appointments with them. It aims to increase the footfall in the optical showrooms and hopes the optician community makes maximum use of the platform for growth. The opticians and the brand owners/distributor can access the business zone of the platform to showcase & transact with all the benefits that the online medium offers.

  • Creating the process for a B2B2C platform.
  • Connecting Brands with Opticians/Distributors and end-customers.
  • Overcome logistical barrier of making global brands available at a click.
  • Enable opticians to import directly.

We designed the complete process for considering all the permutations and combinations of scenarios that can take place on a B2B2C platform.

The benefits to Brand Owners
  • Reach Opticians Across the country.
  • Display complete collections online.
  • Establish a stronger connect with customers.
  • Use logistical solutions.
  • Use Digital Marketing with targeted reach.

Benefits to Opticians
  • Connect with brand owners & distributors from across the globe.
  • Generate leads by showcasing your stock to end customers.
  • Update inventory easily.
  • Find the trends in the market.
  • High-end filtering on the basis of product material, shape, color etc.