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Uniform republic, is Indias first Web & App based Network Orchestrator platform which aggregates and manages a network of School/Corporate approved Uniform Manufacturers/Sellers connecting to the respective parents and employees of an organization.

Uniforms is a $50 billion unorganized market in India and Uniform republics aims at providing a Simple, Easy & Fast Online Buying & Selling platform to Buyers & Sellers.

  • Platform – enables various supplies to List & Sell uniforms for the schools / corporate.
  • School Website – Platform enables Schools to have their own shopping page for uniforms , books and other school related products.
  • 4 layered Marketplace – The platform will be one very unique platform more different from normal marketplaces with 1000s of school, 100s of suppliers and millions of school Children’s parents on single platform. The platform had 4 layers where there is access to Website Admin, access to schools to manage their own page, access to suppliers to manage their sales & inventory & access to end customers to manage their purchases and also pay school fees.