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Tiffin Sevices

Food Abhi is India's first online aggregator for Tiffins services which brings together the most sumptuous meal options in the form of Tiffins/Dabbas available across city at your finger clicks.

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FoodAbhi a brand of Knight Ventures Pvt Ltd is India 1st Online Tiffin Marketplace for freshly prepared home like meals. Founded by the husband-wife duo of Amit and Shraddha. Amit is a hospitality management graduate from the Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai. He has worked with Indian Tourism Development Corporation and PeopleStrong HR Services before launching FoodAbhi.

The Brief

Amit and Shraddha after analyzing various industry domains zeroed down on Food. They came up with the idea of an Online Tiffin service. The idea in their minds was to tie-up with a 2-3 vendors or to make food on their own and start delivering, initially. But there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Out of so many startups that come into existence a whopping 40% fail. The journey of a business concept from an idea to its formation and execution is crucial to its success. You need support, expert counsel and advisors to tweak the product to its right fit.

With zero experience in the online industry the couple had no idea about how to give shape to their venture.

The Expert Tweak

After hearing the proposal from Amit and Shraddha, E commerce 24 set up a team of their consultant and Researchers to study the feasibility and come up with the right approach to make the venture a success.

After a detailed study, they proposed a small change in approach which will make them not service providers but facilitator of service providers. They advised Amit and Shraddha to make FoodAbhi a marketplace for Tiffin Service providers.

With Focus on Hygiene, Custom tiffin size and health forming core of their service.

This small change in approach set them apart and marked them as the First online food aggregator. Over a course of one month, the ECommerce24 team worked with the couple and set them on the course to garner their share of E-Commerce growth.

  • To identify the Target Audience and devise the right approach to reach them..
  • With the increasing analysis from regulators and the food industry marketplace, there is a need to gain the consumer confidence and ensure the safety of the domestic and global food supply.
  • How to integrate different Tiffin vendors on the same platform.
  • Connecting multiple vendors and customers on single platform with a simple process for both.
  • Tiffin service is at core and in practice an offline business, to digitize the complete process with the end customer ease at focus.

Ecommerce Development

After freezing on the concept for FoodAbhi, the next crucial step was to design the perfect U/X flow and the whole website process flow. With the advanced tools and applications, Ecommerce24 made a marketplace for FoodAbhi where different vendors listed themselves. By having different vendors, FoodAbhi as a platform were able to give their customers a customized variety of tiffin options.

  • The U/I of the website is User friendly making it very easy for Target customers to order their meal online.
  • By integration of Ecommerce24’s multiple feature application they are able to manage and monitor orders for both the parties concerned.
  • FoodAbhi can now connect with their customers at their convenience and also retain customers using integrated communication tools.

Marketing Strategy Support

It is a must to have a sound strategy with a sound product.

In the online industry there are many a few tricks and creative ways both offline and online that help you drive traffic. We the team at Ecommerce24 helped them in making initial foray into the market with some creative ideas to get the edge over other players.

  • Visits to Corporate Parks for tie-ups & promotion.
  • Tie-ups with all popular coupon websites for more traffic and business.
  • Using teacups of popular Chaiwallah's near corporate houses to market
  • Listing on which is something so simple but very effective to get leads and conversions.