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Water Purifiers

Eureka Forbes a leading company in Water Purifiers & Vacuum Cleaners segment, having its presence in more than 1800 cities through the network of 15000+ dealers. This company pioneered Direct Selling in India.

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Customer Requirement
  • They wanted to empower their field sales force with a tablet and an application to enhance the pre-sales experience of customer with their products. Without disturbing their existing sales verticals i.e. direct sales & channel sales.
  • Ensure that the MRP / MOP prices are maintained across the online sales channel.
  • A PAN India logistic & billing solution directly to end customers.
  • They also wanted to have their products listed & managed on various online market places and increase online sales & visibility.


After understanding the business requirement of Eureka Forbes in detail, Ecommerce24 crafted following solutions:

  • We developed an android based mobile application for tablets which enabled their customers to have a virtual view of how the product will look in their kitchen. This made the buying decision of the customers easy.
    A single place warehousing where the products for ecommerce sales channel would be stocked.
  • A dedicated online sales expert who will manage sales of their products on various online sales channel and on Ecommerce24 affiliate network.
  • A Pan India logistic service to have their product delivered anywhere in India.
  • A price monitoring service to ensure the products are not discounted below the approved prices.