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Small things that You never thought go a long way in Building your Brand Online.

Today the e-Commerce industry has turned into a highly competitive market. Sellers on marketplaces and on their websites are wooing more and more customers with massive discounts and offers. It goes without saying that competitive pricing is a must to grow successfully. But there are a few key aspects that are largely ignored and they go a long way in brand building and getting the edge over other vendors.

  1. Your Product Names.

Yes, you read that right, how you name your products online goes a long way in minting your brand value. Not just your Brand name but also your product names. It’s a small thing you might think but let’s have a look at an interesting example of our client Desi Toys.

Indian toy industry is estimated at about 1.4 billion US dollars and online retailing in toys has seen a rise of 18% in the past two years. Naturally you can imagine the no of vendors trying to capture your customers attention. If you Google- “Toys online in India” you will see that the name Desi Toys shows up First in Sponsored search Ad through Google Merchant Listing. That sponsored ad is by Firstcry so your marketing expense is being borne by the Marketplace and not you. We know that the term Desi Toys is more catchy and different when compared to let’s say wooden toys or Indian toys. Naming your products uniquely, so that they stand out without being irrelevant is crucial.

Desi toys example

Now let’s see what does the search term – ‘Wooden Toys India’  delivers.Wooden Toys IndiaAs you can see again the first sponsored listing shown through Google Merchant Listing is of a product from Desi Toys sponsored by Firstcry . Had they named their product Wooden toys or Indian Toys this would not have been the case as there are many other vendors who name their products using the same terms. Unique product names go a long, long way in building your Brand Equity Online.

A few months ago I remember my friend excitedly ordering a Dart Board from ShopClues, it was available at a throwaway price and so he ordered it. Two weeks later, when it was delivered he was disappointed to see a small 6 inch board which is used by kids with magnetic darts. The Vendor had fooled him by putting up pictures of an actual Dart Board. He immediately put a return request for the same and wrote a scandalous review to ensure that others won’t be fooled. Last I heard from him about it, neither ShopClues nor the vendor had responded and he gave the board away to a poor kid. But one important thing that also occurred was ShopClues lost a customer forever. He swore he won’t ever buy anything from their site again. Which brings us to our next Important point –

  1. Average Resolution Time.

Many a times it so happens that a customer lodges a complaint with you but you are unable to attend to it immediately. Reasons can be varying from clearing the backlog of orders to procuring new products. But one thing that Indian Online Consumers do not like at all is being unhappy about their purchases. We need to understand that the most important trait of Indian Consumer behavior is the need to  touch and Feel. This need to touch and feel is not fulfilled online and so when the ordered goods are not as per their demand, this leaves them Highly Dissatisfied.

So we should look at returns as an opportunity to delight our customers. A fast and responsive complaint handling system is a must. As soon as a complaint is lodged the process to resolve it should be initiated from your side and the customer must be updated about the status of his complaint in the most warm way possible.  Additionally, we need to set up a system to track Escalations and handle them on priority.  There is no one else better than Zappos to teach us how to delight our customers. We can take a lot of hints and cues from them here.

3. Google Merchant Listing

List your online Store & its products to Google Merchant Center, it  will help millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory. Usually, a marketplace vendor or an ecommerce business do not see the need to list your physical location. But Google’s Merchant Center helps customers see your products, the reviews and physical location of your business. I cannot stress enough on how much Google merchant listing enhances your visibility and lead generation.

Let’s have a look at this small example – I wanted a new leather wallet and googled Leather wallets nearby. Blog 3The results show listed all the Leather Manufacturers and Retailers near me. You as a business can leverage your listing to show up for all the products that you deal in.